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When you support Plan International USA, you ensure that our mission is carried out in the following key areas:

Let’s fight gender inequality together!

Girls have what it takes to lead the fight for gender equality — your support will amplify the movement!

With your gift to Plan USA’s We Are the Girls campaign, you’ll join girls and their allies to create lasting change across the world with projects designed for and with girls, that affirm their strength and resilience.

Gender and youth equality

Gender equality is a fight we take on together, with young people leading the charge for a fair and equal world.

With your support, our comprehensive, inclusive approach to Gender & Youth Equality programming strives to be girl-led, encouraging girls to unlock their full power and potential by stepping into positions of leadership. Girls identify the challenges they face, and we work together to come up with resilient solutions that reflect their priorities, needs and visions.

Watch how Plan International USA is transforming the lives of children and creating a fairer future for girls with your support.


School is an entry point for girls to pursue their dreams. But 131 million girls aren’t enrolled in school right now. We believe that every child has the right to a safe, formal, quality education and access to lifelong learning, and as a Plan supporter, you’re helping us to make that a reality.

Girls and young people know what they need to receive an effective education in a safe environment, and we partner with them to make that change happen. Your support funds our comprehensive, inclusive approach to education programming, which strives to be girl-led, because we believe that girls are our most important and valued partners in driving program design and content. They will decide their own path for the future, whether that leads to building a family, furthering their education or starting their own business.

See how supporters like you made it possible for Palla to go to school every day thanks to a new water system Plan provided for her village.

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Maternal and child health

Your support fuels our work with marginalized communities to ensure that they have access to the health services necessary to survive and thrive, and to equip them with the information, skills and self-efficacy to manage their health.

We recognize that climate extremes and conflicts are increasing the frequency of food shortages, as well as economic, political and health crises. We collaborate with youth and communities to identify, prioritize, design and monitor programs and solutions that address their unique and diverse health needs. Our comprehensive, inclusive approach to programming strives to be girl-led, because we believe the best way to identify the challenges that girls and young women face and define the path forward is to ask the experts: the girls themselves.

Read about Tisay, a 16-year-old girl from the Philippines, and the impact having access to a doctor made in overcoming mental health challenges.

Skills and work

Your contributions enable Plan International USA to focus on building peer networks, developing self-confidence and preparing young women and girls for professional careers of their choice.

Our donor-supported Skills & Work programs engage girls, young women and young men from marginalized backgrounds to make informed choices for their successful transition to adulthood. The results of their economic independence are greater control over their personal lives and financial resources, more economically-resilient families and societies and long-term community investment.

Girls are eager to learn about career options and the steps they need to take to reach their professional goals, knowing that they can rely on Plan as a trusted ally and coach to help them navigate challenges along the way to achieving their goals. The best way to identify the challenges that girls and young women face and define the path forward is to ask the experts: the girls themselves.

See how Belinda, a single mom who was in an abusive relationship, found courage and a brighter future through Plan life-skills training funded by your generosity.

Humanitarian response

In times of crisis, girls face high risk of violence, exploitation, trafficking, child marriage, unequal access to healthcare and lost educational opportunities.

Through your support of Plan International USA, you are helping us to work with communities to provide emergency preparedness, relief and recovery, and ensure the needs of girls, children and all community members are met.

Girls recover more quickly from disasters when they are involved in rebuilding their community. Plan’s programming approach to Humanitarian Response is girl-centered and strives to be girl-led, because we believe girls are our most important and valued partners in driving program design and content. Because of you, we can act as a trusted ally that girls can rely on while navigating through conflict.

Read about Rose, a young woman living in the largest refugee camp in Malawi, and how Plan is helping her to educate others in her community about ways to protect themselves from COVID-19.

“Because of the life skills training, I became strong, courageous and I’m able to make my own decisions. Now I see a bright future and I want to open my own salon, so I can support my child and my parents.”


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