Supporters Like You Make All the Difference

The impact we can make on a child’s life will, we believe, have an enormous ripple, like a pebble dropped into a pool, whereby their improved health and education will have a positive impact on every person they come into contact with throughout their life.”

Carol Rees and John Foley, Plan USA Legacy Circle members

Without supporters like you, none of our work is possible. That’s why we created this website, to help you follow your impact with Plan International USA and learn more about how to partner with us, showing girls the power they have within themselves to fulfill their potential.

How you support our work

Gender & Youth Equality

We stand up for youth rights, ensuring girls stay protected and can take charge of their futures.


Plan provides equal access to quality, uninterrupted education, so that girls, and all children can grow into their full potential.

Skills & Work

Plan provides girls and young women with training that prepares them for professional careers of their choosing.

Maternal & Child Health

Plan is committed to health equity, promoting healthy behaviors and environments and enabling strong health care systems so that girls and their communities can thrive.

Humanitarian Response

We work with girls and other community members — before, during and after emergencies — supporting them to secure protection, pursue their rights and achieve resilience.

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